Best Easter Ever!!!

Easter, just like Christmass, is a holiday I love spending home with my family. I know a lot of folk who enjoy going to vacations and whatnot… but I am just not that type. I don’t know why though.¬†It is most likely because as a child, my entire family would gather home and celebrate it together. It’s just how I was raised. And, you know what they say – if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it! Those are the words I follow when it comes to spending holidays with my family.

easterEven though we are not gathering in the same (huge) numbers like we did a couple of years back, both Easter and Christmass are still special occasions in my household. This year, I was making dinner for 12 people including myself. It was amazing! If you are wondering what I made, it was a giant¬†meatloaf finely spiced up with cheese and garlic… needless to say – everyone loved it and I got a lot of praises from my cousins!

But the meal was not what made this Easter special… My meatloaf was not the high point of a wonderful evening. Nope! You see, my cousin Derek actually proposed to his girlfriend Amanda in front of all of us. Best of all – he did not tell a single soul. Needless to say, we were all amazed by the outcome.

Of course, Amanda said yes and our Easter celebration turned into a special party afterward. There was a lot of alcohol involved too, even more than I’d like to admit… But still, it was for a good reason – my youngest cousin just got a fiancee in front of my very eyes… If that is not a good reason to celebrate and drink a few cup of wine, then I really don’t know what is!